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Smiley System Handbook

The Handbook explains step-by-step how parents can implement the Smiley System. It provides answers to 21 Frequently Asked Questions parents want to know.


1) What do I tell the child if he calls the Smiley Board "stupid?"
2) Will this system work if I can only supervise my child part of the day?
3) What about misbehaviors that don't really warrant losing a whole Smiley?
4) What if my child whines and says, "I can't do it (the chore)?"
5) What do I do or say when my child screams, "Go ahead! Take all those dumb Smileys?"
6) What if my child dawdles and misses the school bus?
7) How do I incorporate the Smileys? system with my child who has a difficult bedtime routine?
8) Can you give more examples of the "catch them while they are doing good" technique to teach pro-social behavior?
9) What about rainy days?
10) What do I do when my child has no Smileys on the board (zero, zip, nada)?
11) What if I'm far away from the Smiley Board and my child uses foul language or becomes verbally abusive while I am supervising him with the morning or bedtime routines?
12) How can I manage my child when we're outside the home such as in the grocery store?
13) What if my child responds by yelling, "Mom, quit nagging,
I know what I'm supposed to do?"
14) Can you suggest ways and means of restitution to disrespect?
15) What if my child tells me, "I want to go (to this place) and if you don't drive me that means that you don't love me?"
16) What about grounding for older children and teenagers?
17) What if my in-laws criticize this system as “bribery” or “buying” good behavior?
18) How should I use the Smiley System if a child runs away from home?
19) How do I use the Smiley System if a child is aggressive or violent?
20) What do you do with whining children?
21) For older children and teenagers who object this is for little kids, what can I call the Smiley Board?

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Download a Sample Chapter

In the first chapter, Norma introduces you to her principles of child discipline and giving logical consequences. These are the scecrets to teaching children respect. There are many win-win parenting tips. You will also find the complete Table of Contents included with this chapter.

Click here to read a PDF (529KB PDF) of the first chapter. Download the free Adobe Acrobat reader here.

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