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Playing The Feelings Wheel Game

  • Play facilitators should choose a playing variation (see suggestions) depending on the players and therapeutic objectives.
  • Players start by choosing their own marker from the 8 provided. But, any small object will work as a marker, even a coin, allowing more participants to play.
  • Next, the group decides together on a direction, clockwise or counter clockwise. They also decide how many rounds they want to circle the board and how much time to play.
  • The group may use one or two die to roll for numbers. With two, the players move around the board faster.
  • Next, each player chooses a feeling word as a starting place.
  • Players take turns rolling the dice to advance their marker that many feeling words to a new feeling word. As an alternative, players can "step the circle" without using dice so they come in contact every feeling word.
  • Depending on the many play variations possible, players may talk or react to a feeling word.
  • After completing the predetermined number of rounds each player will put their marker in the center Safe Place.
    << FWG Overview.

triangleWatch the Getting Started Video

Included with the boxed Deluxe FWG is a 10-minute DVD video that shows how to get started. Its a fun and animated so kids will love watching it. You can watch it now!

Getting Started with the Feelings Wheel Game is included with the Deluxe version. 


Play Variations

You can choose from many different ways to play the Feelings Wheel Game. Here are just a few:

  • Players can talk about a recent memorable personal situation when they land on a feeling word after rolling the dice.
  • Players can nonverbally express a feeling word with a facial expression similar to the pictures (on side one) and receive feedback from others.

Four facial expressions:  interested, jealous, lonely, and medatative.

  • Players can be a "robot" to act out a feeling word selected by other participants.
  • In marriage therapy, a couple might be asked to select multiple feeling words to describe their recent relationship and then talk about their choices. << FWG Overview

triangle Companion Guide

FWG bookThe FWG Companion Guide is included to explain how to play and has lots of suggestions for using it with both children and adults!

Who Uses FWG?

  • Play therapists can use Feelings Wheel Game (FWG) with groups of all ages.
  • Counselors can ask reluctant clients to point to more descriptive feeling words to elaborate on feelings like "upset" or "happy" or "mad."
  • Elementary school teachers play with students at the beginning of the school day as part of their language arts lesson.
  • Special education teachers use the Feelings Wheel Game in social skill classes with great results, especially for appropriate expression and resolution of conflict or anger.
  • A Principal includes it in meetings as a staff training activity to build up team spirit, camaraderie, and open up participants to sharing personal history
  • Juvenile detention and mental health center counselors use the Feelings Wheel Game with teen offenders to recognize their feelings and to develop empathy for victim feelings. << FWG Overview

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