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Chopsticks On A Jar
Build Team Spirit, Applicable for Families and Groups

Chopsticks balanced on a  large-mouth jar.

How To Play


• Develop problem-solving skills,
• Refine motor coordination,
• Develop a keen sense of observation, and
• Increase attention span.


• Approximately 30 chopsticks.

• One wide-mouthed container, such as a peanut butter jar. Use a wider jar opening for the younger or less coordinated the children.


The group's goal is to have all of the chopsticks successfully balanced on top of the jar simultaneously. (See diagram)

Each child takes a turn placing one chopsticks on the mouth of the container. The child attempts to place his/her chopsticks without spilling any of the previously placed chopsticks.

Play Therapy Techniques

The facilitator applauds, rewards and celebrates the group achieving their task/goal. The facilitator must ensure players do not shake the table out of excitement.

The facilitator will have the group members critique each other as to what were the good, cooperative moves which helped the task be done successfully, and which were the egoistic/disruptive/destructive moves which inhibited the task from being successfully completed.

For adolescents, (especially street-wise children) challenge them to use match sticks on a soda bottle instead of a wide-mouth container. You'll be amazed to see the excitement this game can generate.

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